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APROVECHA, new music video: from love to social boundaries.

Willy Hobal, the multi-talented artist renowned for his charismatic presence and unwavering passion, is thrilled to announce the release of his captivating new single, "Aprovecha" from his debut EP “Virgo”. Willy Hobal, a Dominican-born artist based in Switzerland, has established himself as a prominent figure in various artistic disciplines, and is now embarking on an exciting musical journey.

Combining his extensive background in luxury hotel marketing with his true artistic calling, Willy Hobal's foray into the music industry is set to make waves. With a focus on creating music that not only entertains but also empowers and inspires, Willy Hobal has a particular mission to uplift the LGBTQ+ community through his artistry.

Willy Hobal's unique tropical style, rooted in his Caribbean heritage, is poised to captivate a worldwide audience. As a Latin urban artist, he offers a fresh and open-minded approach that promotes gender neutrality. His vision is to create a different kind of music that celebrates diversity and inclusivity, resonating with a wide range of listeners.

"Aprovecha," the much-anticipated single from Willy Hobal, exudes sensuality and offers an exploration of seizing a unique opportunity with someone you deeply desire, reciprocated by their own fervor. The song delves into the story of a male sex worker and a mysterious man, creating an intriguing narrative that unfolds through Willy Hobal's smooth and captivating vocals.

As the anticipation builds, fans can look forward to the upcoming release of the music video for "Aprovecha," which promises to be a visual feast and an embodiment of the song's essence.

Willy Hobal's musical journey represents a powerful fusion of his Caribbean roots, European influences, and a desire to foster a more inclusive world. With "Aprovecha," he offers a tantalizing taste of his musical prowess, setting the stage for a promising artistic career that transcends boundaries and touches hearts.

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