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Introducing 'Virgo': Willy Hobal's Debut EP Celebrates Love and Freedom

Dominican-born, Switzerland-based artist Willy Hobal is thrilled to announce the release of his debut EP, 'Virgo.' Showcasing his passion for various art forms, this energetic and passionate collection of tracks embraces the theme of freedom to love through club-ready anthems. Alongside the EP release, Willy is excited to introduce a personalized Space Invader game, adding an interactive element to his promotion, available here

The EP's standout track, 'Only On The Dance Floor,' holds special significance for Willy. Originally conceived as his very first song, the creative process faced obstacles with studio engineers. However, a year later and following the successful release of his singles 'No Pares' and 'Nadie Me Conoce,' the track can finally be unleashed upon the world. 'Only On The Dance Floor' features aggressive synths, powerful drums, and a dynamic vocal performance by Hobal that transcends language barriers, igniting the entire party. The instrumentation, though simple, relentlessly drives toward its objective.

Willy passionately shares his inspiration behind the track, stating

"On the dance floor is about celebrating gay love on the dance floor. When I worked on this piece, I traveled back to my teenage years when I experienced heartbreak after breaking up with my then-boyfriend. As a strong Virgo, I channeled all my energy to the dance floor, dancing away my pain. It was there that I met a captivating guy, and we immediately connected, dancing all night and sharing intimate moments."

Hobal has always harbored a deep passion for making music and has worked tirelessly to forge a career in the industry. Overcoming financial obstacles and pushing through self-doubt, he has emerged as a determined artist who fearlessly follows his dreams, regardless of others' opinions.

'Virgo' marks an exciting milestone in Willy Hobal's artistic journey, showcasing his growth as an artist and leaving us eagerly anticipating even greater releases in the future. Stay tuned for this rising star's upcoming projects, as he continues to make his mark on the music industry.

Listen here VIRGO

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